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My Bio

Paul Messerschmitt was born in a Caladan fishing village, named North Harbour. Son of Thomas (born on Caladan) and Jerica (born on IX) Messerschmitt. The Messerschmitts are nouveau-riche entrepreneurial family, amassing most of their wealth by selling the Kaitain delicacy, Demetrios fish. In the last 30 years, they started making machines. Four Generations ago, they were humble fishermen. Paul volunteered for the Atreides Army at 15. He was too young for any of the armies of great houses, but on entrance exam he scored high enough to enter Atreides Officer School. In the officer school, he showed nontraditional battle skills of leading from the front and highly imaginative battle strategy. Paul graduate from the Atreides Office School among the top of his class. His service as head of intelligence for House Atreides was quite and largely uneventful. Recently, Paul was promoted to Atreides Battlemaster, a job he took with good deal of trepidation. Since the last man who was Battlemaster died, Paul regards the job like the perilous seat from the ancient Earth myth of the Round Table. Is he like Sir Galahad, the right man for the job or a temporary replacement?

My Occupation

Atreides Battlemaster

My Hobbies

Studing history & warfare, playing chess, reading intell, and hunting caninids.

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